Kevin Dynia

Visual Experts - Kevin DyniaKevin is currently a student at Keene State College in NH studying film production. He joined the Visual Experts team in the summer of 2008 as an intern. Kevin has a great deal of enthusiasm and passion for the cinematography field and when his friend’s mother hired Visual Experts to do home movie transfers onto DVD, she immediately thought of Kevin. Through that chance encounter, Kevin met and shared his work with Steve. Kevin is a joy for all to work with and after his internship, he became a permanent part of the team as a cinematographer.

When asked what he considers is his strength in cinematograhy, Kevin says that he feels he has a creative eye and the ability to breathe life into the images he shoots. If you ask any of his co-workers or anyone who has seen his work, they would whole-heartedly agree that this is true. When he’s not in class, he spends the majority of his time film-making, professionally, academically and personally. Kevin is also a big football fan. He played football while in high school and is a dedicated Giants fan. He also enjoys snowboarding, hiking, canoeing and spending time outdoors.

“My life runs at 24 frames per second.” – Kevin Dynia